What LifeLight is to me....

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A note from the director

What LifeLight Youth Theatre (LYT) is to me.

  • LYT is a kid who did not like getting up on stage. However, after encouragement from Mom & Dad decide to try drama and discovered a love for acting and bringing joy to people. Now is leading up the church's drama ministry and is so excited to use this powerful ministry tool to spread the gospel.
    That is LYT - making kid's dreams come true.
  • LYT is watching the faces of children watching a LYT play. Seeing them so caught up in the magic of theatre that they scream aloud in the middle of the show to help save Dorothy. Or applaud wildly to praise the dancing farmers and cowmen. Or boo the bad guy at curtain call. Or cheer with pure delight when the shoe fits Cinderella.
    That's LYT- making the magic of performing arts come alive to a whole new generation.
  • LYT is a slumber party after a show and everybody is invited to come. Sleeping bags scattered from one end of the house to another. It's kids singing and making up choreography to the early hours of the morning. It's playing endless games of "down by the bay" while waiting for the next show.That's LYT - creating memories that will last a lifetime.
  • LYT is after years of being out of LYT you still love to get together with your old LYT friends. You still want to stay in touch with those friends that you made. You do your best to see each year's spring production. You still like to reminisce about your LYT days. The first performance. The first missed cue. The first solo. The first lead. The first sold out house. The first curtain call.
    That's LYT - creating lifetime friendships.
  • LYT is an instructor who enjoys helping students to discover their gifts, their passions, their abilities. Helping them to fall in love with their Creator and realize all the glory is His.
    That's LYT - helping kids explore their spiritual side.
  • LYT is being so nervous for your audition - but learning how to push through your fears.
  • LYT is learning to work as a team and accomplishing something that is much bigger than you could do on your own.
  • LYT is strike parties where parents and kids are in tears because the show is closing.
  • LYT is seeing yourself improve. You sing better. You dance better. You have more confidence in front of a crowd.


Michelle Beasley